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DVD Review: Beer Wars Is A Documentary With No Bitter Aftertaste

Anat Baron's documentary about the struggle for craft brewers against the mass market beers is worthy of consumption. Read More »

DVD Review: Frank Miller’s The Spirit Entertains But Falls Short of Greatness

Miller's film - as direct a translation of the comic book form as has ever been seen on screen - demonstrates limitations of comic genre. Read More »

DVD Review: Way of War Should Be Cataloged As A Friendly Fire Incident

A difficult to follow timeline smothers the potential of Way of War's story of intrigue, betrayal, and revenge. Read More »

TV Preview: Important Things with Demetri Martin Premieres Feb. 11 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central

Demetri Martin's unique brand of stand-up humor is adapted with outstanding results to a sketch and variety format. Read More »

Enter BC’s Way of War DVD Giveaway!

Blogcritics is giving one lucky winner the newly released DVD Way of War starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Read More »

DVD Review: Top Secret! (I Love the 80’s Edition)

Top Secret! is a perennial rainy day favorite – comedic comfort food from the creators of Airplane! and The Naked Gun series. Read More »

Is the Obama Presidency a Bellwether of American Ingenuity on Its Deathbed?

Obama's election, a mandate for change without form and style over substance, is a canary in the coalmine of America’s number one product -– ideas. Read More »

Book Review: Once Upon a Time in Venice by Monique Roy

A children's story about life, love, and letting go, etched with wonderful imagery of the fantastic city of Venice. Read More »

DVD Review: Skinny Bitch Fitness – Body

Light on workout, long on personality, Skinny Bitch Fitness: Body is a great starter video for fans of the popular books. Read More »

Sony Minisode Network, Where Classic Television Junkies Can Gorge Without Guilt

Sony's Minisode Network television favorites condensed to five-minutes for anytime viewing enjoyment. Read More »