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Sony Reader Adventure: Enhancing Your Reader Experience with calibre

Extend the capabilities of your Sony Reader with calibre, a free open-source application for managing ebook content. Read More »

Periodical Content Announced for Sony Reader Store

In an effort to compete with the Kindle, Sony has announced the availability of several major newspapers and periodicals for their Sony Reader devices. Read More »

Sony Reader Adventure: Moby-Dick; or, The Whale by Herman Melville

A comparison of two side-by-side editions of the classic novel, one in traditional printed form and one digital ebook. Read More »

Movie Review: Street Trash

A masterpiece of trash cinema, Street Trash is one of the great gore classics of the 1980s. Read More »

Book Review: The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball

A charming and inventive second novel from a gifted fabulist. Read More »

Music Review: Boots/C.C./Snake & Remus – Box

These psych-folk rarities are some of the most mysterious and enigmatic records you will ever hear. Read More »

Music Review: Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony

Like a folksier Black Sabbath, Blood Ceremony plays music that taps into a deep wellspring of sound and imagery. Read More »

DVD Review: Dance Party, USA

In this film, the awkward house party is pretty much a way of life. Read More »

China to U.S.: “Shut Up” About Military Spending

What is it that China doesn't want to tell us? Read More »

Does Suri Cruise Exist? (And Should We Care?)

Is there any way that celebrities can live under the public radar when living under the public radar simply pushes one further into it? Read More »