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Putting School Buses Into Perspective

They had a whole fleet of school buses they could have used to evacuate everybody. That’s all I hear from the FoxNews network.  Over and over about how the school buses weren’t used and how that would have made all the difference in the world in New Orleans.  How everyone could have been evacuated. Um, I don’t think so. People ... Read More »

Fundamental Fear and Rage

This piece was written on Friday; maybe it was written a few days before its time. That was before the California legislature passed a new law that would allow homosexual marriages. Of course there is one obstacle that could prevent this from becoming law – Arnold “the Governator” Schwarzenegger. When he ran for election, he told the voters that he ... Read More »

Critical Mass: Why We Need To Rebuild

I got the opportunity to listen to some truly ignorant opinions in the past week. Not on blogs, although I read more than I few I disagreed with, but rather from regular people, discussing the tragedy wrought upon the Gulf Coast. There’s a sizeable number of people who simply think New Orleans should not be rebuilt. Period. “It’s under sea ... Read More »

Katrina Is A Partisan Issue — And Here’s Why…

Two years ago we were told we needed to attack Saddam so one of our cities wouldn’t be destroyed. One of our cities was just destroyed. And it appears that many more lives could have been saved, and many things protected, if there was more funding for infrastructure, more devotion to protective efforts, and more National Guardsmen here at home ... Read More »

Iraq’s Constitution: Good Luck

Written by Cranky Liberal Iraq finished its draft Constitution Sunday. I’m not sure why we are over there killing and dying to install a Constitution that opens the door for an Islamic theocracy to take hold, but I want to wish the people in Iraq all the best. Months of debate and dialogue, conflict and compromise, blood and battle have ... Read More »

What Is An Average Muslim?

I stumbled across this little ditty over at Wizbang. It is a post about the suspected terrorists rounded up in Lodi a few weeks ago. I say suspected because, unlike some people, I still believe someone is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Anyway, this writer comments: This is exactly why so many people — myself included ... Read More »

A Tool of the Radical “Left”

No not Cindy Sheehan, although if you were to believe the smear campaign being waged against her by right-wing media, you’d think she was a brainless hand puppet for MoveOn.org – instead of an articulate, intelligent grieving mother who is asking a question THEY CAN”T ANSWER. No, this tool of the “Radical Left” is Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. Rarely have ... Read More »