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Last Blog

How will we know that we have read the last blog, in a strangled aftermath of wasted prose? The curve of interest on the Internet follows an exponential curve into the ever-widening maw of the universal bit bucket that swallows abandoned sites and rotted links kept barely alive by google and a few wild-eyed historians or undergrads at Stanford. But ... Read More »

Art As A Theme Park Ride

The problems that computer mediated art poses hark back to the problems that Descartes posed for us in the 16th century. Therefore what computer art presents us is a crisis in epistemology. [Click on your grant writing processors here!] For Descartes only one kind of true knowledge existed, that was certain knowledge. For us there is only uncertain knowledge as ... Read More »

Observations on teaching art to adults

I’ve been thinking about teaching art lately. In my experience when people ask you to teach them drawing or art they usually preface it with a tentative apology or preface what they say with sad explanations. One of the most common is; “I can’t draw but…” Usually when you ask them where they got their information it turns out some ... Read More »

A brief discourse on the way things are.

In the morning the weather from this table is obscured by clouds, cool wafts of Pacific air gust along the sidewalk. Overcast threatens rain. Leaves nod. There is a Radio Flyer wagon in a second story apartment window across the street that is being used as a planter. In Zokas Café watching traffic, reading. I note an article on technology ... Read More »

Home Project: The Rocking Chair Part I

You know do it yourself home decorating is a wonderful idea. Look at all that ugly furniture you own that you could improve. You start reading about woods and fabric. Look at the spectacular pictures of before and after. Before you know it you’re an expert in home interior design. Do not let the lack of experience with real world ... Read More »

That’s a very spicy indigestible meatball!

I have had vast pretensions to being a writer, as well as other pretensions almost too numerous to list here or mention. Being a famous movie star, a famous artist, and a famous New York talk show host have been among other pretensions I have held at one time or another. There are pretensions I would never admit to, ever. ... Read More »

They all laughed when I sat down to write.

I understood that I had many important things to say. I wanted to say them. I had to say them. I was sure I could put it all together into a carefully controlled rant that lead to a masterful crescendo of rage and a call to action. On something, I was not sure what, maybe something political might catch my ... Read More »