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Nemesis: Space Junk, Government Responsibility and Avoiding the Kessler Effect

Chalmers Johnson gives a bleak outlook on the future of the American Republic and the potential for a war in space. Read More »

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Willing to Send Troops to Iraq

Saudi Arabia is said to be ready to do whatever it takes to ensure stability in Iraq. Read More »

A Real Strategy for Victory in Iraq

Innovative strategy proposal for winning the war against terrorists in Iraq and reshaping the debate at home. Read More »

Why China is Better Suited to Solve Africa’s Problems Than is the West

As the Western world attempts to solve the problems of poverty and disease, they often overlook their most qualified partners. Read More »

Ignorant Bigots Like Goode Cast Dark Cloud Over Republicans In Muslim Eyes

Rep. Virgil Goode embodies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party; incoming Democrat Ellison paves way for future of American Muslims. Read More »