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web standards

Web standards are like the building regulations of the Internet. The W3C is dedicated to defining and promoting Web standards, although in recent years the group has received criticism. In theory, all parties participating in making information available on the Internet are supposed to adhere to Web standards, ensuring that tools, code, and information are all compatible. In reality, Web ... Read More »

content management

Content management refers to the tools and processes which facilitate the creation, organization, and publication of information. Technically, content management can be as simple as using a word processor on a personal computer to create documents which are then emailed to recipients. Or, content management can involve the use of a complex system designed to centralize information management in a ... Read More »


A Content Management System (CMS) is a software program which facilitates the creation, editing, and publication of digital information. There are two main CMS sub-categories: Enterprise CMS and Web CMS. An Enterprise CMS manages content across an entire organization, whereas a Web CMS is intended for managing only that information that is made available on a website. A CMS may ... Read More »

mobile web

The mobile web refers to the process of accessing the Internet from a portable device other than a typical desktop or laptop computer. Typically, the mobile web is accessed while in a location other than the home or office. Web-enabled cell phones are the most common mobile devices used to access the mobile web, although other gadgets like MP3 players ... Read More »


The term mobile has broad application within technology. Mobile may describe a person's physical state as being on-the-go or being away from a permanent fixture such as a desktop computer or a landline phone. Or, mobile may be used as a synonym for cell phone. Mobile can also be defined as a marketing channel or medium. Whether it's making a ... Read More »