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While cloud computing (or commonly cloud hosting) has been hailed by some as a revolution in information services, it somewhat ironically resembles one of oldest computing models in existence. The idea is simple: instead of relying on a PC's internal processing and storage resources to perform application tasks, cloud computing allows the heavy lifting of computer applications to be handled ... Read More »

craig’s list

Depending on your outlook, Craig's List international classifieds pages can either be seen as a great place to find a deal or as a rich source of entertainment. Accessed by millions of people from all over the globe, Craig's List's eclectic selection of goods and services range from the downright mundane to the highly esoteric. While the site's personals sections ... Read More »

craigs list

Craig's List has become the de-facto 'classifieds' page for the Internet generation. Despite eschewing the trendy layouts and glossy color schemes of its contemporaries, the site maintains its status as the default destination for millions of international users looking for, well, just about anything. Ranging from the mundane to the utterly bizarre, and from the material to the deeply personal, ... Read More »

User Experience

From a design and development standpoint, user experience is the applied practice of making technology accessible. From an end-user's standpoint, user experience determines how well elements such as layout, graphics, feature hierarchy and navigation combine to make a technology usable and painless. As with any design practice applied to technology, user experience is a blend of both science and art. ... Read More »


Opinions: Everyone has one. If there is one thing the Internet revolution has brought about, it is the democratization of opinion. While the invention of the printing press greatly expanded the ability to publish one's view, it was not until the internet revolution took place that mass self-expression was truly democratized. Freed from the constraints of traditional publishing, the internet ... Read More »