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Obama and the Solution that Wasn’t

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Rahm Emanuel Read More »

Is it the Beginning of the End for Obama?

The Rapid Downfall of Obama's Presidency Starts Now Read More »

Specter and the Dying Breed of Moderates

If Americans have to wonder what side you're on, you can bet that they won't be on yours. Read More »

Status of the GOP: Disjointed or Finding Its Voice?

Tea parties, libertarians, and moderates, oh my! Read More »

Music Review: Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Paramore is at it again with the compelling and diverse Brand New Eyes Read More »

In Defiance of the Governed, Liberals Prevail

Healthcare Passes, But At What Cost? Read More »

Obama: The Worst President Since FDR

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Read More »

The Obama Healthcare Monument

Attempting to explain Obama's rationale in pushing health care. Read More »

The Endorsement Minefield of Palin and Romney

Why would they support McCain over Hayworth? Read More »