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Movie Review: Man of Steel


If you like action, sci-fi, comic book films or all of the above, you'll really enjoy this film. Read More »

Why Man of Steel is Important


What makes this film so important? For starters, a new generation will be able to experience a fresh take on a 75 year old American icon. Read More »

Searching for Answers and Solutions in Newtown

Love, in reflection of God's own love toward humanity, is the ultimate solution Read More »

Andy Griffith: An Icon of American Entertainment

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Ronald Reagan: the Original RINO

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Why Conservatives Shouldn’t Fall For the Trump Stump

Conservatives can't afford to be Trumped in 2012. Read More »

Jesus Christ, Socialist?

Did Jesus Christ have a political ideology? Read More »

Five Differences Between RomneyCare and ObamaCare

What you may not know about Mitt Romney's dealings with health care. Read More »

Truth, Justice and the American Way: Searching for America’s Superman

America needs another hero Read More »

Book Review: Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles 1974-2001 by Don Felder

An inside look into one of America's greatest rock bands. Read More »