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Republican Truths for Fun and Profit

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the political water... Read More »

The Political Junkie Makes a Nicotine-Free Return

After quitting cigarettes and working out the rust, I return to politics and like nothing I can see. Read More »

In Defense of the Loner

Just because this loner did a bad thing does not mean all loners are ticking time bombs. Read More »

Unshakable Guilt

If society acts like someone doesn’t exist for a long enough period of time, can that person forget they exist? Read More »

Another Open Letter to Bush

He never reads these open letters, but I keep writing them. Read More »

Credit for Illegals: Is it Really as Dumb as it Sounds?

Is it really stupid to allow illegal immigrants access to credit cards or woud it be a way to track them? Read More »

Satire: National Appeal for the Fictional

Sequels keep the streets safe. Read More »

Real Horror: It’s What You Don’t See

It really is no surprise to me that in the days of Abu Ghraib we are seeing a return to the torture/gore movies. Read More »

My Right Gemini Twin on Bush’s Speech

Bush's new plan is to let the commanders run the war. Good idea finally. Read More »

Lesson to the Future Warlords

If the lessons of the Iraqi war are learned, then the bad can be a good. Read More »