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Some Church Had the Nerve to Celebrate Our Freedom

The Fresno Bee has an article about how New Covenant Community Church in Fresno had a 4th of July celebration. In front of the church was a group of protesters. The group, Peacemakers Calling the Faithful in Fresno, were uncomfortable with the mingling of military promotion, a national holiday and a church. “It’s a political rally. Fourth of July is ... Read More »

Marcus Wesson Receives the Death Penalty

Marcus Wesson is sentenced to death... Read More »

Street Racing for Dummies

I have never understood the drive behind young adults who feel the need to press the pedal to the metal. Read More »

How will the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo vs. New London effect your city?

Everyone has been talking about the latest ruling from the Supreme Court regarding eminent domain. My concern with the Supreme Court's ruling is that they seem to be completely ignoring our nation's history. Read More »