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Good Night, Larry King

Goodbye Larry King Live Read More »

I’m In Love With Law & Order‘s Alana De La Garza

Her role is a sexist cliche, but I'm still in love with Alana De La Garza. Read More »

I No Longer Wish My Job Was Watching American Idol

Someone call Paula Abdul now! Read More »

Is Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball Blog Journalism’s First Essential Classic?

News Bulletin: Richie Allen is no longer the only superstar athlete we can call a dick! Read More »

NBC to Comcast: Let the TV Apocalypse Begin!

Watch me cheer as yet another dinosaur dies. Read More »

Tiger, Elin, And A Five Iron: Yawn

If you're going to cheat, keep your golf clubs out of reach. Read More »

David Letterman Likes Women – Who Knew?

David Letterman as playboy? Hard to imagine. Read More »

John Waters on Leslie Van Houten Is Shockingly Thoughtful

Who would have thought John Waters would write perhaps the most sensitive, thought-provoking piece ever on the Tate-La Bianca murders? Read More »

John Hughes Dies – An Entire Generation of Teen Years Follows

If you were born between 1963 and 1967, John Hughes means as much to you as your parents. Maybe even more. Read More »

Losing Paula Abdul Is An Epic Idol Mistake

American Idol just made a huge huge mistake. Read More »