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The Lost Mind: Third Season Countdown

With the counter moments away from rolling over into heiroglyphs (read: third season about to premiere) we count down the best episodes to date. Read More »

Concert Review: The Polyphonic Spree in Austin, Texas

As entertaining and colorful as ever, the political new Spree has learned to rock. Less bubbles. More balls. Read More »

About This Lamont Thing: An Open Letter from the Democratic Base

The voters are telling you what the Democratic party we'll vote for looks like. Read More »

The Lost Mind: The Sophomore Slump and Adventure on the Horizon

Admit it: the show suffered a second-season slump. The writers have (almost) admitted it. More importantly, they've promised a return to form. Read More »

The Inaugural Lost Mind: “Live Together, Die Alone” Revisited

Halfway through the summer hiatus, re-examine the season two finale in this inaugural edition of BC's Lost-centric column. Read More »

Movie Review: Lady in the Water

It makes you feel bad for not loving it. I'm not sure if that's the nicest or meanest thing to say. Read More »

Pessimists Prime: The Internet Already Hates Michael Bay’s Transformers

This production's tongue seems jammed so hard into cheek it's bruising. So why're the geeks so upset a year in advance? Read More »

Comic Review: DC Comics 52 Week Ten

Snappy dialogue and a lack of contrived fights make this Kent-centric entry one of the series' more human issues. Read More »

Book Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Kid + Tiger + Lifeboat = "Awesome." Too bad that isn't what this book is about. Read More »