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Margaret Atwood invents the virtual autograph

Sometimes you find the most interesting things in the most unlikely places. The New Yorker arrived today, and I was idly paging through it when, in the Talk of the Town section, I came upon a short item about Margaret Atwood’s new invention. Who knew the great Canadian author, whose most recent book, “Oryx and Crake,” is a masterpiece of ... Read More »

Lighters and Airplanes: Part III

Boy, this just won’t go away. I thought we’d finished with it on January 26 and I was certain February 18 was definitely the last time I’d be revisiting the subject. But no, here it’s March and like a bad penny it just keeps turning up. On December 17, 2004 President Bush signed into law the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism ... Read More »

Peggy Noonan on blogging and bloggers

This superb writer’s February 17 column, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s online OpinionJournal.com, is must reading for anyone who has any involvement whatsoever with the internet. Long story short: Noonan says that as of today blogs rule and MSM drools. Everyone who writes for Blogcritics should be smiling by the time they’ve finished reading her piece. I know ... Read More »

Kraft Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy is Dead

PETA takes another scalp — even though this one’s in the inert, lifeless form of a gummi snack. Kraft’s Trolli Road Kill Gummi candy (above) — shaped like flattened snakes, chickens and squirrels, complete with tire treads — is no more. New Jersey animal-rights activists said the candy encouraged children to be cruel to animals, and threatened petition drives, boycotts ... Read More »

I’m a B-list blogger

Dave Pollard, on January 4, wrote a very interesting post in his blog about the blogosphere. He took a lot of the recent survey results and reports and information from a variety of online sources and blogs to come up with some very interesting statistics that he then rendered graphically (above and below). Here are a few fun facts from ... Read More »

Copyscape.com — “Defend your site with a banner”

I just ran across this website. It purports to search the web for sites that have plagiarized your work. “Defend your site with a plagiarism warning banner to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content.” I tried it out and I must say it is impressive: the first page of results (which appeared in less than a second) showed my ... Read More »

vFinance: “Turn $350 into $500,000 — overnight!”

That’s what Chuck Abate of PlantFind.com did, according to a New York Times article by Elizabeth Olson that appeared in last Thursday’s Business section. PlantFind.com is an online company that connects buyers and sellers of landscaping and nursery goods. When Abate joined the company last fall, his job was to raise capital. He went to vFinance.com to find investors, spending ... Read More »

“Caravaggio — The Final Years”

This exhibition of 16 of the great Italian master’s paintings from the final four years of his life has created a sensation. It’s perhaps the highlight of the year’s museum shows, and here it’s only February. Caravaggio, born in 1571, was at the height of his fame, considered the most original and powerful painter of his day, when in 1606 ... Read More »

Myers-Briggs for Dogs?

Could be happening sooner than you think if Dr. Samuel Gosling of the University of Texas has his way. Gosling has made a career out of studying animal personality, and has come to the conclusion that dogs share four out of the five personality traits psychologists use to understand human behavior. The question of whether or not dogs have a ... Read More »