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Book Review: The Case of The Pope by Geoffrey Robertson QC

Can the Catholic church continue to use secrecy to subvert the law on child abuse? Read More »

Ed Miliband Wins New Labour But Nothing Changes

Miliband the younger should listen to his old man who knew a thing or two about reformism Read More »

Medical Ghostwriting or Subversive Marketing?

Are drug company ghostwriters planting marketing in medical journals? Read More »

UK Government Ignores Evidence Against Homeopathy

UK Government disgraces itself by caving in on homeopathy Read More »

Burqa Bans: A Very Popular Cultural Xenophobia

Cultures are strongest when they can absorb new influences and grow. Read More »

Book Review: Bonfire of Illusions, The Twin Crises of the Liberal World by Alex Callinicos

How the structure of international politics relates to the fundamental instabilities of modern capitalism. Read More »

Cameron’s People Power, A Neoliberal Con Trick

Cameron says he wants People Power but not Power as we know it Read More »

Book Review: The Enigma of Capital And the Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey

As we crawl out of the latest crisis, we should be asking if we need capitalism at all. Read More »

Climategate: Where Are the Apologies?

Scientists exonerated, but where are the apologies from the denier hacks? Read More »

Book Review: Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It by Richard D. Wolff

Was the crisis really so unexpected or were there just a lot of ostriches and blind men? Read More »