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Jerry Falwell, 1933-2007

Jerry Falwell was a more three-dimensional man than either his critics or fans will ever admit. Read More »

Book Review: The Shellman Story – Hanging the Preacher by Henry A. Buchanan

It's easy, and misleading, to say that the civil rights movement was a church-led initiative; the truth is much more complicated than that. Read More »

When Self-Help Gurus Collide

A self-help catfight: Albert Mohler goes after Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret. Read More »

Lions in Winter

Jerry Falwell and James Dobson are likely to be left behind as the evangelical schism over global warming widens. Read More »

Ann Coulter and Conservative “Discourse”

Ann Coulter's remark at CPAC exemplifies the sad state of the Republican Party Read More »

Who’s Got the Bones?

Believe it or not, the remains of even prominent moderns go missing. Read More »

Figgerin’ the Odds: James Cameron’s Tomb of Jesus

"Those names are common" is no objection to filmmaker James Cameron's claim that he has located the tomb of Jesus. Read More »

Jesus’ Tomb Discovered? Discovery Channel Documentary Says “Yes”

It's going to take more than statistical hoo-ha to make a convincing case. Read More »

Mysticism and Public Policy

Is it really a good thing when national leaders take direction from the Big Guy? Read More »

Christianity’s Green Schism: Falwell Jumps In

Is the "Green Schism" a reprise of Sears v. Wal-Mart? Read More »