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Blunderford’s Resolutions for the New Year

#2: Buy something from Victoria's Secret to get back on their catalog mailing list. Read More »

Shocker: New Yorkers Hit Each Other During Transit Strike

Poor old New Yorkers. The trains don't run and they act like it's the end of the world. Read More »

You Won’t Be Able to Set My Curfew When You’re Dead

In the wake of David Ludwig killing Kara Beth Borden's parents: Blunderford's How-To-Stay-Alive Parenting Commandments Read More »

Generation Yers Gaze At Their Navels and Like What They See

"They're like Generation X on steroids!" Oh, please spare me. Read More »

Maureen Dowd Wants Me

I used to be afraid of her. Now I know she wants me. Read More »

Horny for Prussian Blue

"We're working on a TV show called 'Full Stalag', and Lynx already has bulimia." Read More »

White House: U.S. Unprepared for Just About Everything

As Hurricane Wilma screams toward Florida, the administration admits it has no idea what it's doing. Read More »

Rocky 6: Fetch Me My Glasses

Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role. A sneak preview of what to expect... Read More »

Richard Cohen: I Think His Brains Are Leaking

If today's news columnists are getting too cynical to care about government scandals, it's time to hand over the reins. Read More »

We’re Fighting Smurfs Over There So We Won’t Have to Fight Them Here

Proving that anything goes when you want to raise money, UNICEF is using shell-shocked, maimed Smurfs to show that war is hell. Read More »