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All Quiet on the California Election Day Front

As the rest of the country stampeded to the polls to "change" the political course of the country, voters in California were far more calm. And optimistic. Read More »

Come Election Day, Leave Fear Off the Ballot

Recent polls show voters leaning toward GOP candidates and it has nothing to do with the issues. It's simply because of party affiliation. Read More »

Jobs:They’re on Everyone’s Agenda, but They’re No Easy Task

Candidates all claim they will lower unemployment, but no one has a viable plan to do so. Read More »

Mobile Phones Really Cell Texting Devices

Despite being called cell phones, making a call is the last thing most people do on their mobile devices. Read More »

Sale Away to Exotic Places And People

To get a good glimpse into human nature, one need not travel the world or enroll in a psychology class. One just needs to have a garage sale. Read More »

Social Media Proves Ignorance Is Bliss

With the rise in popularity of social media comes an equal elevation in ignorance. Read More »

Time For Writers To Rise Up And Unite

The Internet has cheapened the written word. Read More »

Local Gas and Electric Company ‘Smarting’ Customers

Pacific Gas & Electric's newly installed SmartMeter is turning out not to be such an intelligent, incredible wireless technology after all. At least not at one consumer's household. Read More »

A Glaring Silicon Valley on AT&T’s Map

Despite covering 97% of Americans, apparently AT&T's wireless map does not include Silicon Valley. Read More »

Judge’s Decision on Oil Moratorium Makes Cents

The federal judge who recently ruled against the Obama administration's six-month oil ban, decided in the end that cents overruled sense. Read More »