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Why Second Place Might Be Better than First

It takes discipline and strong will to hold second place and win competitive advantage. Read More »

Libya: Big Oil and Intrigue

Is the world reacting to the Libyan crisis to protect human rights or Big Oil interests? Read More »

Egypt: Lack of a Living Wage Called for Desperate Measures

The riots in Northern Africa are fueled by people's desire to have normal lives and escape from poverty. Read More »

The Twitter Revolts: Social Media as a Weapon Against Unpopular Governments

No one would have imagined Twitter and Facebook used as a tool to organize movements against governments Read More »

Political Vitriol and the Arizona Massacre

We Americans have become anesthetized to the vitriol that has become an ugly part of the political fabric in this country. Read More »

Smokers Feel the Pain in Spain

After living in one of the most smoke-friendly countries in Europe, Spain's smokers are now facing the strictest regulations. Read More »

A Kinder Solution for the New Year’s Resolution

I am about to go back and look through my journal for 2010. I will check the first pages where I wrote my wish list to see how many goals I have checked off Read More »

E-Book Invasion to Eliminate Brick and Mortar Bookstores?

Reading to me is a warm experience—paperback or hard cover book in my lap, a cup of tea or coffee on a side table and an opportunity to unplug from the glare of electronic devices Read More »

Bad Economy Breeding Better Consumer Habits?

The reality of the current economy is bringing back sound consumer habits. Read More »

Will Hacker Vigilantes and Wikileaks Inspire a New Generation of Cyber Warriors?

Campaigners for and against Wikileaks haven’t been particularly scrupulous, and the criminal element is ever-present to exploit situations like this. Read More »