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A McCain/Lieberman Ticket — What If . . .

What would happen if these McCain & Leiberman joined together in running together as Independents for the office of President & Vice-President Read More »

The Lost Tomb of Jesus? Experts Say, “No Way!”

Either Cameron is doing a very shabby job of deceiving us or he is doing a very good job of deceiving himself. Read More »

How’d You Like to Live on Mutilated Lizard Street? You Might If You Live in Hawaii

By the time you're at the intersection of "The Dragged Large Intestines" and "Mutilated Lizard," you'll have "A Dull Headache"...or a smile on your face. Read More »

Movie Review: Amazing Grace — Amazing Movie

The true story of William Wilberforce, a rising star in 18th century British politics who became fixated on the subject of abolishing the slave trade. Read More »

Concert Review: Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited

I sought in vain to find some parallel with Muslim culture... Read More »

Thoughts On Global Warming and Human Responsibility

Here is my opinion: Global warming is real. Read More »

Facts About the “Surge” In US Troops for Iraq

No troops are being sent to Iraq that were not already scheduled to go there. Read More »

Latest Terrorist Bombing In Israel Gives Insight Into Fatah

What this means, of course, is that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (and Fatah) plan on keeping up this type of "resistance" until Israel no longer exists at all. Read More »

US to “Kill or Capture” Iran’s Operatives In Iraq

The new American policy in Iraq rejects "catch and release." It's now "kill or capture" Iranian agents and provocateurs. Read More »

Serena Williams’ Aussie Open Win Proves She Isn’t Done

Maria Sharapova never had a chance as she wilted before the blazing serves and ground strokes of a resurrected Serena Williams. Read More »