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Espresso: The Romance Factor

Where is the romance and theater of pushing a button? Where is the skill and passion of the barista? Read More »

Everyone Is A Minimalist: They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Are not the simplest words the most meaningful and powerful: love, home, family, friends, and iPod (just kidding)? Read More »

Why Art Really Is Priceless

If a priceless painting is locked away behind six inches of steel, can we still say it has value? Read More »

The Anti-Corporate Mission Statement: Don’t Change, Stay Original, And Be Happy

Cars that actually had something in common with workmanship instead of Rubbermaid. They were works of art. Read More »

Discovering the Arts Outside Your Doorstep

Be brave, don't settle. The little things make the difference. Read More »

Full Fat, Full Flavor, Full Health

Sadly, it was very true. The low fat, low carb propaganda bullet had struck again. Read More »

What Great Thinkers, Leaders, And Artists Have In Common

Perhaps it has less to do with the brain and more to do with the heart. Read More »

The Lupilin Effect: India Pale Ale and Artistic Creativity

It seems that an India Pale Ale always was surrounded by creative and passionate people. Read More »

The Espresso Experience

When did going for a coffee cease to become an experience? Read More »

You Are What You Buy

Be a mystery to the marketing gurus. Confuse their complex computer algorithms and throw a wrench in their multi-billion dollar alliances. Read More »