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Bill Sherman is a Books editor for Blogcritics. With his lovely wife Rebecca Fox, he has co-authored a light-hearted fat acceptance romance entitled Measure By Measure.

Dork #10

The covers of Evan Dorkin’s Dork #10 (Slave Labor Graphics) pretty much encapsulate this pitch dark humor comic: the front shows an isolated comic book shop in flames and attacked by a mob; the back has a childishly rendered cartoon cat, brandishing a knife and telling us, “We all die alone.” Not the book to buy if you really wanna ... Read More »

Goin’ to Metropolis

It’s one of those places that I’d driven past more than once and had always promised myself I would visit. So when my day job took me to Metropolis, Illinois, last spring I was probably more excited than I should’ve been. Metropolis! Though I knew intellectually I was just visiting a small southern Illinois river town (pop: 6700), the name ... Read More »

CSI: Miami

How much does C.S.I.: Miami want you to know it’s part of the same franchise that gave us C.S.I.? So much that they’ll stick another Who song in the opening credits (“Won’t Be Fooled Again”), even if it makes less contextual sense than the first did. C.S.I. fans already know the crew of Miami/Dade’s forensic unit from a test drive ... Read More »

John Doe

The outlandishly smart hero of Fox’s new John Doe (Dominic Purcell) knows everything but his own name. A super savant with the ability to learn anything instantly (put him behind the controls of a helicopter and he’s quickly able to fly it in pursuit of a childnapper), Doe wakes up naked and amnesiac on an island off Seattle. The only ... Read More »

The Signpost Up Ahead

I grew up on the original Twilight Zone. When I was really young and the show was in its first season, I remember desperately wanting to watch it but being sent to bed instead. Listening to that perennially evocative theme song through my bedroom door, I just knew I was missing some of the neatest television ever. When I was ... Read More »

The Mekons’ OOOH

In the midst of the political umbrage being aimed at Steve Earle’s upcoming Jerusalem disc, I’ve been getting my poli-outrage fix from another reliable source, the Mekons. The band of Brit post-punkers has been producing smart, passionate prog statements in music for decades now. OOOH (Quarterstick Records) is the latest of the group’s sporadic “real releases” (as opposed to a ... Read More »

Pleasant Dreams

After reissuing deluxe editions of the first four and best Ramones albums, Rhino has just put out remastered versions of the next quartet. All I can say is: Damn them, anyway! That’s four more CDs I’ll be buying even though I already own the initial Warner/Sire discs. Bastards. Bought one of ‘em this week: Pleasant Dreams, the group’s post-Spector collaboration ... Read More »


Two pieces in this week’s Blogcritics got me thinking about a trend that tends to push one of my critical buttons. It goes something like this: hey, that new Sleater-Kinney album sure sounds great – has a lotta lefty political lyrics it, but, hey, that’s not important: what matters is the beat! Or: who cares if Jaguar’s co-opted the Clash’s ... Read More »

Twentieth Century Eightball

Daniel Clowes’ Twentieth Century Eightball (Fantagraphics Books) is an entertainingly slapdash collection of rant comics and surreal misanthropy from the title that also yielded Ghost World and Daniel Boring. It’s probably safe to say that if Clowes had produced nothing but strips like the selection in this book, he’d still be residing in the margins of alternacomics. In the aftermath ... Read More »

“True Perfection Has to Be Imperfect”

(Return with us now to July 2002 for a look at Oasis’ most recent release. . .) Read More »