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Bill Sherman is a Books editor for Blogcritics. With his lovely wife Rebecca Fox, he has co-authored a light-hearted fat acceptance romance entitled Measure By Measure.

Working for the Man

The title to J.L. Roberson’s benefit comics anthology, Working for the Man (Unbound, $9.95), recalls Roy Orbison’s classic song of working class resentment & ambition, but its purposes are considerably more altruistic. Collected to raise funds for a comic book creator who has recently fallen on dire times, the anthology represents the efforts of 25-plus mainstream & alternative comics folks ... Read More »

Hate Annual #3

The note at the top of Hate Annual #3 (Fantagraphics) asserts that this latest entry from the mind & pen of Peter Bagge is the “Special Boring Mundane, Middle-Aged, Middle-Class Issue.” I’d take issue with the boring & mundane part, but the rest seems right on the money. Always neat to see a new collection of Bagge cartoons, even if ... Read More »

What’s Beyond the Sky: Taken – Week Two

So Week Two of Stephen Spielberg’s Taken has drawn to its close w./ one more innocent willingly entering one more unidentified flying object: twenty hours to get to a conclusion it took Close Encounters two-hours-plus-change to reach. From a storytelling standpoint, the second half was more fully realized than its building block episodes. Where the first six entries chronologically rushed ... Read More »

Love and Rockets #6

This week when I saw the cover to Love and Rockets, vol. 2, #6 (Fantagraphics) on the racks of our local comics shoppe I immediately felt a fannish glow. Most of us have artists or musicians who do this to us: just the sight of fresh work by ’em lifts our spirits, makes us feel better about the world. (Hey, ... Read More »

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

The most recent Comics Journal (#248) has a sharp column by R.C. Harvey on Michael Chabon’s Pulitzer-winning novel about the early years of the comic book industry, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Picador USA). In it, comics scholar Harvey basically fact-checks Chabon’s book – which focuses on the fortunes of two young superhero creators in the era referred ... Read More »

Waiting for the U-Foes – Taken: Week One

Halfway into the ten-part Taken, Spielberg’s mini-series has established a herky-jerky rhythm: ten minutes of rotely written soap opera followed by ten of good ol’ Muldery paranoia followed by scenes of melodramatic villainy that would probably be called “comic book” by a viewer less appreciative of well-realized comics wickedness. Moving from the mid-forties to the early eighties, the story structure ... Read More »

“Done & Done”

Gotta wonder what Dave Grohl thinks, deep down, about the recent release of Nirvana’s “‘Greatest Hits.” Damn thing comes out within weeks of his present band’s newest release – Foo Fighters, One By One (RCA) – so, naturally, the Nirvana disc is the one that receives all the press. For a band with its own solid discography of guitar-based pop-rock, ... Read More »

R. Crumb’s Mystic Funnies

The cover to Mystic Funnies #3 (Fantagraphics) is reassuringly familiar to anyone who’s followed underground comix guru Robert Crumb all these years: a car-choked urban setting where Flakey Foont – Crumb’s whiney everyshlub – is being lectured by a typically statuesque femme. “Out of the pain comes the pleasure, out of the pleasure comes the pain! Okay?” she states, pointing ... Read More »

Stephen Spielberg Presents: Taken

As HBO’s Band of Brothers is to Saving Private Ryan, Taken is to Close Encounters of the Third Kind: a mini-series elaboration of themes introduced by producer Stephen Spielberg’s source flicks. On the basis of the preview ep of this new ten-part series, it looks like Sci-Fi Channel may’ve gotten the better deal. Charting the lives of three families from ... Read More »