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Bill Sherman is a Books editor for Blogcritics. With his lovely wife Rebecca Fox, he has co-authored a light-hearted fat acceptance romance entitled Measure By Measure.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The heroes (and heroine) of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (America’s Best Comics) should be familiar to any school kid who’s looked to old blood-and-thunder storytelling as a means of meeting Classic Lit reading requirements: Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Hawley (Invisible Man) Griffin, Henry Jeckyll/Edward Hyde and resolute Mina Murray (married name, Harker). It’s the entertaining conceit of comic book ... Read More »


Michael Olshansky is a cabbie, the likes of which you only see in old movies. Played by David Morse, he of the perpetual hangdog expression, “O” (any similarities to the high school Othello are purely accidental) is a canned Philly cop with a penchant for helping passengers in trouble. This irritates his Chechnyan dispatcher because he’ll frequently cruise all night ... Read More »

Apples in Stereo, Velocity of Sound

The title of the new Apples in Stereo disc, Velocity of Sound (Spinart), sets the ground rules from the hey-ho-get-go. This is gonna be a collection of speedy rock: pop punk that could’ve come out in the 80’s from the likes of the Undertones, Rezillos or (let’s buy American) Shoes. More songs about ice cream and girls from a songwriter ... Read More »

Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Volume II

Thanks to the box office numbers of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, we’ve been getting a raft of good reprint collections devoted to the character: none so great as the recent “Marvel Masterworks” re-issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Volume Two. Spent the weekend re-reading the stories in this book for the first time in decades. I was delighted to see that they almost ... Read More »

Delbert McClinton, Room to Breathe

Out in Central Illinois, Delbert McClinton is an ol’ friend: regular fixture in the music bars (High Dive in Champaign, Lafayette Club in Bloomington), favored among the area rhythm-and-blues FM deejays. I’m not a Delbert junkie, but I have friends who are: the kind of guys who think that rhythm-and-blues can be fully framed between the last few Clapton/B.B. releases ... Read More »

Best of the Dog Walk Tapes

In which the writer considers five audiotapes that enhanced the quality of his dog walk time this summer. Read More »

Everything Is Less Than Perfect

When I first heard the premise of ABC’s Less than Perfect, I started flashing on the buried Fox sitcom, Babes. That short-lived series revolved around a trio of fat sisters who shared an apartment in the big city. Appealingly cast (Wendy Jo Sperber, Susan Peretz and Ed‘s Leslie Boone), the show was much ballyhooed in its day by members of ... Read More »

Once More, with Feeling

The soundtrack to last year’s Buffy musical ep, Once More, with Feeling, has just been released on Rounder disc. And if Joss Whedon’s maiden songwriting effort (not counting a brief snippet of Giles song in an earlier dream story) won’t blow Sondheim out of the water, it’s still plenty enjoyable on its own modest terms: with witty character-driven lyrics and ... Read More »

Rhett Miller, The Instigator

Breathes there a fan of group-centered rock ‘n’ roll who hasn’t felt a shudder of apprehension upon reading the words “solo side project“? Ever since Paulie McCartney lied and told us life was just a bowl of cherries, solo elpees have been portents of doom for devotees of beloved rock groups. So it was that this fan found himself nervously ... Read More »

Dork #10

The covers of Evan Dorkin’s Dork #10 (Slave Labor Graphics) pretty much encapsulate this pitch dark humor comic: the front shows an isolated comic book shop in flames and attacked by a mob; the back has a childishly rendered cartoon cat, brandishing a knife and telling us, “We all die alone.” Not the book to buy if you really wanna ... Read More »