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Is Giuliani a One Trick Pony?

One of the big items on the Giuliani check list is his stance on the Second Amendment. Rudy has had a transformation with regard to this very important piece of our Constitution. Read More »

Maryland Wants to Be a Progressive (Tax) State

Maryland wants to implement a progressive tax system to rob the rich and pay the politicians. Read More »

Immigration History Lesson and Where to Go from Here

Americans do not trust Congress to do what is right. They [Congress] have demonstrated that they cannot do what is right. Read More »

An Interview with Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, Authors of Caucus of Corruption

"We'd like to believe that Democrats will read our book with an open mind and ask themselves if they really want these crooks representing them." Read More »

Book Review: Caucus of Corruption – The Truth about the New Democratic Majority by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan

This book tells the side of the story that Democrats ignore and the mainstream media refuses to tell. Read More »

Must Keep Pressure On Senate Against Amnesty

If the Congress of the US wants us to buy in to these things they are going to have to earn our trust once again. Read More »

Mr. President, I Will Tell You What Is Right for America

Our war dead weep for this once great nation - and the inability of its leaders to protect what they willingly died to preserve. Read More »

Satire: Michael Moore is a Heck of a Guy

Michael Moore's use of profits from his new film to insure the uninsured isn't just a distraction from his illegal trip to Cuba. Really. Read More »

Joyous Day In Maryland With Electric Rate Hikes

He promised that he would not let the evil energy company screw the people, dragon slayer that he is. Read More »

Barbara Boxer Responds

Our military is full of the best and brightest. Members of Congress should actually listen to them instead of pretending to know everything. Read More »