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Pope Watch: What Were They Thinking?

What was George W. Bush thinking? This guy gave me no end of crap about the Iraq war, and I have to come here and KNEEL? What was Laura Bush thinking? Condi can pray all she wants, but with God as my witness, those ruby slippers are MINE. What was George H.W. Bush thinking? Gee, he kinda reminds me of ... Read More »

Terri Schiavo: What’s a Parent to Do?

We don't withhold food [except for dessert, when they haven't eaten their peas]. Read More »

When Will People Learn to Boycott the SAT?

"It's really stressful, because my whole life is the SAT." Read More »

BTK, JC, DNA, and the ACLU

We should all watch this case and the DNA evidence chain very closely. Read More »

Not Sponge[Bob] Worthy

SpongeBob SquarePants has made a dirty video. Did he get himself stuck in a cervix, you ask? Why, no. He’s way too young and square for that. And besides, I’ve heard he’s gay. But that isn’t exactly why two Christian groups are complaining that the music video in question, whose goal is to teach tolerance to elementary school students, has ... Read More »

McDonald’s CEO: The New Drummer

Being the CEO of the world's most fattening company might be bad for your health. Read More »

Review: Get “SpellBound”

I've become dependent upon spell checking tools, I hate to admit. Read More »

Michael Jackson: Mounting Evidence

Michael Jackson's fingerprints: why are they on his stuff? Read More »

Something to Crow About

Kappos was acquitted, so he can't be compelled to receive treatment. Crow can expect to hear from him again soon. Read More »

Let’s Not (And Say We Did) Go to the Video Tape

The last thing we want is more air time for Tim McCarver. Read More »