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Software Review: WordPress 2.0 Movable Type Import Tool

A tale of blog migration from Movable Type (MT) to WordPress 2.0. Read More »

Pat Robertson to Dover, PA: God’s Gonna Getcha!

Isn't that special? Read More »

Time for Lunch?

Not really, no. Read More »

The Six Dirty Words You Can’t Say on My Blog

To recap, fuck is in, Texas is out. Read More »

Larger Hybrid Cars Not More Fuel Efficient

For the past seven years, I’ve been driving a stereotypical suburban mother’s car: a minivan. We bought it when I was pregnant with our first child, having decided that my ten-year-old Dodge Daytona — my very first car — with its two long, heavy doors, impossible-to-use “passive restraint” seat belts, and low frame that had you practically sitting on the ... Read More »

The State of Science: Was Kansas Intelligently Designed?

Stay up to date on the latest attempts to alter Kansas' science curriculum in the name of "objectivity." Read More »

Education Round-up

A few links to noteworthy education stories from the past week. Read More »

Making a Pass: Hail Mary!

At least a handful have gotten a little touchy-feeling with the Holy Mother. In a not-so-platonic worshippy way. Read More »

Boston Marathon: F1? F-U!

If we have separate men's and women's categories for the race, why is only one of those categories labeled? Read More »

Hacking Pleads Guilty, Sentencing in June

What do you think Hacking's minimum sentence for first degree murder could be? Go ahead, guess. Ten years? Fifteen? Read More »