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Throughout history, Chicago has been well known for its politics and its architecture. On the political front, the trend continues with the amazing story of the first black president, Barack Obama (also the first blogging president), as well as the seedy story of Rod Blagojevich. Chicago is also the birthplace of the skyscraper and today the city continues its vertical ... Read More »


Bikes is a unique word; it has two completely different meanings to different people. To one group bike means bicycles, with the chain connected to pedals. The other side are on their motorcycles with the chains getting power from engines. Both camps are global and have many subgroups within their world. The bicycle world has mountain bikes, racing bikes, BMX ... Read More »


SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is often used synonymously with seo. In fact, the term itself was most likely created by the granddaddy of search marketing, Danny Sullivan, back in 2001. He proposed the term because the field was moving beyond "optimization" and into directory listings and other paid placement. Though the terms SEM and SEO are still very much ... Read More »