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Book Review: Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case Against the Bowl Championship Series by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter, and Jeff Passan

Yahoo! writers deliver strong case against the BCS but fail to prop up their playoff proposal. Read More »

BC Tailgate – Week 1 Preview

The season starts off a bit slow, but there's still enough intrigue to warrant putting your money down. Read More »

Pit Wars

In the pits at a NASCAR race, the crew fights a different kind of war. Read More »

Mike Gundy’s Explosion Prompts Questions

The Oklahoma State football coach went off on Oklahoman reporter Jenni Carlson. Perhaps he should have thought twice. Read More »

Does The Color Pink Make You Sexist?

Iowa's visiting team's locker room is pink. What kind of message do you think they are trying to send? Read More »

College Football Week in Review – Week 4, 2005

Ben Miraski reviews Week 4 of college football featuring the Big Ten and LSU's loss. Read More »

NCAA Priorities Need Fixing

Native American mascots are now banned in bowl games. How could the NCAA have handled this better? Read More »

The Trouble with Oprah

Oprah has chosen her new book club book, much to my dismay. Read More »

A Year Later, A Game in Review

Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech play this weekend. A look back on last year's game. Read More »

Week In Review – Week 3, 2005

Ben Miraski looks at college football. Read More »