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ClipBlast Video Clips For Friday April 7th

Yesterday came word that President Bush authorized Scooter Libby to leak classified intelligence – today Bush’s approval ratings hit an all-time low. Here are a few video clips about both: Watch the CBS Video Clip Now! Watch the NBC Video Clip Now! Watch NBC’s Chris Matthews Discuss the Situation Now! Is it really possible that people search Google twice as ... Read More »

ClipBlast Video Clips For Thursday April 6th

Managing technology, orgy scenes, and lacrosse. Read More »

ClipBlast Video Clips For Wednesday April 5th

Katie Couric, Tom Delay, Best Damn Sports Show Period. Read More »

Clip Talk: Free NCAA March Madness Video From CBS

I was Number 39,061, but within minutes, I was in. Read More »

ClipBlast Video Clips for Friday March 10th

Bill Gates and his money, Bush and the sale of ports, and The Sopranos are coming back. Read More »

ClipBlast Video for Thursday March 9th

Launching Failure to Launch, murder, and SAT scores - all a part of today's ClipBlast! Read More »

ClipBlast Video Clips for Wednesday March 8th

Teri Hatcher, Barry Bonds, and Jon Stewart make today's highlights. Read More »

ClipBlast Video: Dana Reeve and Kirby Puckett

Two pop culture icons remembered. Read More »

ClipBlast Video Clips: The 78th Annual Academy Awards

You saw Crash win the Best Picture Oscar last night, and heard the formal acceptance speech by its producer. Now here, from CNN, is a raw video clip showing you what it’s like backstage for the winners, as writer/director Paul Haggis, his co-writer, and the film’s producer take questions from, and banter with, the media. Watch the Video Clip Now! ... Read More »

ClipBlast Special Report: The Katrina Tapes

Caught on tape, the video tells the real story. Read More »