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Thai Ghouls Tied the Knot on Valentine’s Day

Thailand's Centipede King Boonthawee Seangwong married the Scorpion Queen Kanjana Kaetkeow in a necro-nuptial. Read More »

Mews Story: Feline Stowaway Survives Unexpected Journey

An amazing tale of animal survival. Read More »

Bringing a New Hope to HIV Sufferers

Andrew Stimpson is the man who claims he has his HIV cured... Read More »

Fighting the Bird Flu

The avian H5N1 virus spread has become larger than ever... Read More »

Tibor Rubin and the Medal of Honor

Surviving from a war is never easy. Tibor Rubin (76) had not only survived from two wars, but he also came up as a remarkable hero. For his valor, the Korean war veteran and Holocaust survivor received the highest military award in the USA, the Medal of Honor from U.S President George W. Bush on September 23—after fifty years he ... Read More »

Bali Bombings 2005: Lesser Blasts with Greater Impact

Since 2002, there has been no year passed without bombings in Indonesia. Read More »

Team Aniston vs Team Jolie

Which side are you on? Read More »

Revisit the Tsunami Victim: a Little Miracle for Little Martunis

It was Sunday, December 26, 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia, when the eight year old Martunis (see the picture of Martunis with FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, on the left) felt that the ground under his feet was shaking badly. The furniture in his house started to fall down, followed by the pantiles. His father grabbed his hand and quickly asked him ... Read More »

Experiencing Beckhamophobia

Who is the most annoying soccer player alive? It is not Diego Maradona. His “hand of god” goal might be irritating for some, but his individual honors had proven that he was a capable player. Romario could often be a jerk, but it cannot be too bothersome as we do not hear so often from him. The prestigious title would ... Read More »


Miss Universe 2005 is taking place on May 31 in Bangkok, Thailand. As an international event, it tries to embrace more delegations by tolerating more cultural differences. The organizing committee even has a special design of swimsuit for delegations from countries which give no permission for their representative to wear bikini for religious or courtesy reasons, for example. It is ... Read More »