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The Wonder Spyglass 4: Nuclear “Free-for-All” and The Battle of the Sexes – SF from the Seventies

John Varley explores nuclear terrorism threat, Barrington Bayley goes Victorian again, James Tiptree has nothing "James-like" about her. Read More »

The Wonder Spyglass 3: Wooden Spaceships and Carnivorous Cars – SF from the Eighties

Bob Shaw sends his Victorian scientists into space in wooden spaceships; Michael Shea creates marvelous countryside fantasy in his neglected masterpiece. Read More »

The Wonder Spyglass 2: David Langford, Allen Steele, and other SF from the Nineties

David Langford's entry in the Father Brown series; Allen Steele continues the saga of Captain Future with somewhat mixed results. Read More »

The Wonder Spyglass I: “The Cookie Monster” by Vernor Vinge; story reviews from Sci Fiction Online

Office Space meets The Matrix in a quirky Vernor Vinge masterpiece. Plus a Victorian steampunk mystery ... Read More »

Book Review: Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C. Clarke

Are we seeing a renaissance of the space opera genre today, or is it a superficial return to the '40s, the time of grand-scale storytelling? Read More »