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Colorado Tea Party, A Documentary by Jenny Hatch

With still pictures & video/radio interviews around Colorado Tea Party events, this Documentary by Filmmaker Jenny Hatch shares a Rocky Mountain take on this new political movement. C 2010 Read More »

Medical Self-Reliance: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Important information for parents to help protect themselves from a medical profession that is about to implode into a socialistic behemoth where the potential for damage to the family will be limitless. Read More »

Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, the foremost Health Freedom Activists share the latest news! Read More »

Paul Revere on a Motorcycle: Daren Gardner Rides to Rally for the United States Constitution

Virginia small businessman Daren Gardner will ride 13,000 miles to every state capitol in the continental US. Read More »

Medical Tyranny or Health Freedom?

I would like to add my voice to the chorus yelling against the forced drugging of the American people. Read More »

Husband and Wife Childbirth

A mother reflects on the impact of nationalized health care to childbirth. Read More »

Jane Bürgermeister, Whistleblower Extraordinaire

A science journalist and flu whistleblower was fired for filing a lawsuit against the medical cartel for pushing swine flu vaccine. Read More »