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Author Archives: Ashtoreth Valecourt

Culinary Adventures in San Francisco

Testing the limits of food as art. Read More »

T. Rex – It’s What’s For Dinner

Fearsome dinosaur’s closest descendant found in barnyard. Read More »

Move Over Metrosexuals, the Vegansexual Is Here!

... and if you ate meat, you ain’t gettin’ any. Read More »

Catfight! Hemingway’s Beloved Cats in Peril

Socialists peeved by dilettantes in fur at Hemingway’s Home – a question of freedom. Read More »

The Man With The Golden Gun: When The World Wasn’t Enough for Billionaire Businessman

Billionaire builds $30 million underground brothel on home property – wife really mad (with apologies to Ian Fleming)! Read More »

Men Controlling Women: From The Brains of Voles

Man’s eternal quest to build a better chastity belt - whilst staying clear of it himself. Read More »

What Makes A Man?

More and younger men consider taking steroids in pursuit of an image that is a bloated cartoon of masculinity... Read More »