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E3 2007 Downsized?

Rumors are flying around the web at this very moment about E3 being downsized, or even cancelled. Read More »

Nintendo Wii: Independent Developer Friendly

Does this mean "Virtual Console" will be a like Valve’s Steam service? Read More »

PC Game Review: Half-Life 2 – Episode 1

Episode 1 is finally here, does it live up to the hype? Read More »

Nintendo Wii Launch Lineup

Seventeen titles are set to launch alongside the Nintendo Wii later this year. Read More »

PC Game Review: SiN Episode 1 – Emergence

First in the line of episodic content, but is it worth it? Read More »

E3 2006: Nintendo Has No Plans For GameBoy

"The Japanese game market is now evolving around DS. We don’t need to do something that will pour cold water on the situation." Read More »

E3 2006: I Expect To Be Amazed

Amazed by Nintendo, by Sony, and perhaps by Microsoft. Read More »

Gaming Round Up for 05/04/06

Wii driving game, GameCube pricedrop, Sony PS3 and MSG at the movies. Read More »

Pro Evolution Soccer On Xbox 360 At E3

One of the best and most realistic football (soccer) games is coming to the Xbox 360. Read More »

Episodic Content: New Idea Or Just A New Way Of Ripping Us Off?

Split it up and sell it in parts: marketing departments must feel like real geniuses. Read More »