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Huxley’s Patio

So at the conclusion of predictable but truly strange chain of events, I wound up spending the day at Aldous Huxley’s house in the Hollywood Hills with his widow, Laura, and some other folks (including Littlest Guy and Tenacious G), and had an odd kind of epiphany. We were sitting out on the back patio, overlooking the canyon and looking ... Read More »

Kevin Starr’s World War II California

Embattled Dreams: California in War and Peace 1940 – 1950 (also on Armed Liberal) I have been a huge fan of Kevin Starr’s boosterish histories of California since I read the first book, Americans and the California Dream. His work is the perfect anodyne to Mike Davis’ self-flagellating critique of California and modernity, City of Quartz. Compare Starr: So too ... Read More »

Mark Doty’s ‘Source’

I know that most folks think that we spend all our time here at Casa de Armed Liberal reading Montesquieu’s correspondence, obscure postmodern works by Baudrillard, or Jim Crews’ excellent self-published book on urban shotgun. And we do all those things. But I have a secret…I’m actually a poetry nut. And the guy who triggered all this is a modern ... Read More »

A Brief History of the Flood

I'm a city boy, raised under the brilliant glow of success and possibility which I saw everywhere around me. This is a novel about someone who grew up in a place where possibility was barely a faint glimmer on the horizon. Read More »