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Review: Me and You and Everyone We Know

Quirky and sweet, Miranda July's debut feature takes a whimsical look at human interaction in the world today. Read More »

Review: Whisky, On the Socks

If Jim Jamursch were Uruguayan... Read More »

Overnight – Tinsel Down

Sour dreams are made of this. The rise and fall of a Hollywood wannabe. Read More »

How to shoot to fame: Pedro Almodovar

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Antonioni’s films are places where nothing ever happens

L'eclisse epitomises Antonioni's elliptical, enigmatic style. Antonio Pasolini pays tribute to the great director. Read More »

Kings and Queens – Time is over

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DVD Review: Inside Deep Throat

Porn Chic. Ultimately, Inside Deep Throat deals with the question of why sex is less acceptable than violence... Read More »

Out of Africa

African cinema is rarely seen in the West. But we are missing out. Read More »