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Time Is The Currency Of Life

How many of us follow along, content that someone else is doing it right when we may be able to do it ourselves? Read More »

George Clooney – Take a Bow!

A salesman considers world politics in light of George Clooney's Syriana. Read More »

Abu Ghraib: Do Its Walls Differentiate Between America and Saddam Hussein?

May I preface what you are about to read with my observation that true friendship is best shown when your best mate tells you things you may not like but which are intented to assist, not destroy. Read More »

Multi-culturism: A Winner or Not in Australia?

Much debate is currently going on within Australian society about multi-culturism and whether or not it has worked. Before expressing my views and observations, let me explain where I am coming from. As someone who conducts more real estate auctions than any other auctioneer in Sydney, Australia’s largest city (where some 33.6% of the population were born overseas and have ... Read More »

Is the Sun Setting on the American Empire?

“The truth is quite simple. An empire increases the danger for the American people, as empires always make more enemies than friends, not to mention inciting envy and hatred. Maintaining an empire will eventually break us, as it has every single empire of the past.” Theodore Roosevelt I believe this quote of President Teddy Roosevelt’s is spot on, for as ... Read More »

The Irony of the Democratic Process – Hamas Gets the People’s Support

It is fast becoming “payback” time for the deceit and opportunism shown by western politicians since the First World War. Read More »

Two on the Tasman – A Dream Comes True

Next month I sail, with my daughter Kylie as First Mate, my yacht Seerauber from Sydney to Nelson and back. Read More »

Aussie Wheat Sales To Iraq: Is the Crop About to be Reaped?

Who will reap the reward from Aussie wheat sold to Iraq? It may not be Australia. Read More »

Lord Nelson’s Legacy

The 200th anniversary celebrations of Nelson’s death and the Battle of Trafalgar – what a wonderful day. There, gathered in a Conference Room at Sydney’s world class Australian National Maritime Museum, 200 Nelson and Trafalgar buffs (yours truly included) joined together to hear speakers talk of Nelson, his life, his times and his beloved Royal Navy. The Conference speakers and ... Read More »