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Interview with Lyn Miller Lachmann, Author of ‘Rogue’

Rogue Book Cover

"I want to make visible the lives and struggles of people who are in some ways outsiders." Read More »

Eight Things I Don’t Miss About Being Obese

Ann Hagman Cardinal reflects on specific things about being obese that she is happy to be rid of. Read More »

The AcCOUNTability of Calories

Ann Cardinal thought she could get away without counting calories. She had to think again. Read More »

Oh the Buffet Inside is Frightful: Avoiding Holiday Diet Horrors

Ann Hagman Cardinal muses about and strategizes on the horror of the calorie-laden holidays. Read More »

Plumparazzi: A Cautionary Tale of Photo Avoidance

Ann Hagman Cardinal reflects on the perils of photo avoidance for the weight-challenged. Read More »

Stuck in the Middle with You: Weight Loss Plateaus

Ann Hagman Cardinal examines the frustration and total suckage of weight loss plateaus. Read More »

Walk This Way: A Mother and Son Journey Towards Recovery

A surprising Facebook message prompts Ann Hagman Cardinal to reflect on the often challenging journeys mothers take with their children. Read More »

It Figures: My First Exposure to the World of Bodybuilding Competition

Attending my first female bodybuilding competition, I'm dazzled by the smell of spray tan and the sheen of Lucite heels. Read More »

Grief Insulation: Or How I Got So Fat

Ann Hagman Cardinal talks about facing the grief that she hid under 100 pounds of fat and how she got out from under. Read More »

Of Boy Scouts and Weight Loss: Be Prepared!

Smart ways to cope with the trials and tribulations of eating healthy away from home. Read More »