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Reason and Religion: Odd Couple Redux

Reza Aslan and Sam Harris discuss religion and reason. Read More »

Book Review: Bhaskara’s Lilavati – “Say, lovely woman, the number of bees”

Is math dirty? Bhaskaracharya's Lilavati gets it right. Read More »

Thomas Barnett: Mapping The Next Neo-Snafu

Late night thoughts on listening to Thomas Barnett's blueprint for the future. Read More »

When Prayers Attack

A recent study by Benson et al. suggests other people's prayers for your welfare could be harmful to your health. Read More »

Wafa Sultan – Rebel, Heretic or Outcast?

Dr. Wafa Sultan shakes up the Muslim world on Al-Jazeera. Read More »

Abu Ghraib: Gazing Into The Abyss

For his As I Please column, George Orwell wrote an essay on an Abu-Ghraib type photo just after World War II. Some thoughts. Read More »

How the Buddha became a Catholic Saint

Perhaps because stories come from people, they are also a bit like people. Stories too have origins, names, moods and shapes. And like people, stories may spread out far from their origins, shifting names, generating other stories which then begin their own migrations. This is the (true) story of how the Sakyamuni Buddha -- the "standard" Buddha -- ended up becoming an official Catholic saint. Read More »