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Web design is a broad discipline, requiring skills in information technology, typography, layout, color theory, graphic arts and usability which are combined to produce an attractive web site. The subject is a very popular one for bloggers and this tag is used to mark posts covering all aspects from HTML creation to web development. Separating a web site's design from ... Read More »


XHTML stands for eXtensible Hypertext Mark-up Language and it can be described as a stricter form of HTML – the code used to build web pages. It is a form of XML and so standard XML tools can be used to create, parse and validate XHTML, unlike standard HTML which has a very forgiving syntax, requiring specialized parsers. Making web ... Read More »


XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a human-readable format for sharing structured data. It shares a common ancestor (SGML) with HTML – the code used to create a web page. Unlike HTML, XML has strict rules governing documents and software can reject an XML document if it does not conform to those rules. A powerful feature of XML is its extensibility. ... Read More »

web development

Web development is a catch-all term for the technical aspects of producing websites, commonly separated from the artistic discipline of web design and concentrating on dynamic pages that adapt their content according to user input. Web development covers everything from writing HTML markup and javascript code to server-side scripts in languages like Java, PHP, Ruby and Perl. Blog articles on ... Read More »