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DVD Review: Dave

While watching this film, altruism filled me and I wanted to be President--for a second or two. Read More »

DVD Review: After the Thin Man

The film concentrates on the banter first and saves the mystery for later. Read More »

DVD Review: Black Narcissus

If you’ve never seen an Archers film, you’ve never seen one like theirs. If you've seen one of theirs, you've never seen one like this. Read More »

DVD Review: Sneakers

"... a movie that has no desire except to give ... pleasure from beginning to end." Read More »

DVD Review: Gremlins

A special effects spectacular ... back when they knew how to make them. Read More »

DVD Review: Sling Blade

I’m going to assume this film was a labor of love, because it has all the failings of one. Read More »

DVD Review: Coogan’s Bluff

Films like this one really spoke to me...there’s some beautiful stuff. Read More »

DVD Review: My Name is Nobody

What a peculiar Western. Read More »