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Bush Inaugural: “Equal Rights For Some!”

Originally posted to Verité. Sadly, I absolutely don’t have the time for the detailed inauguration writeup that’s itching to get out… but I’d like to make a quick comment: Apart from the over-religiousness, there was gaping hypocrisy when the President quoted Abraham Lincoln. He repeated the following words of #16: Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it ... Read More »

The Story/Music Crossover

At the moment, I’m computing to a lil’ Howard Shore* (FotR soundtrack). I absolutely love “The Breaking of the Fellowship”, as it serves as a bittersweet epilogue to the rest of the album — much like the film scene during which this piece is performed, where sadness is expressed but the promise of future triumph lingers (this too is evident ... Read More »

Candidates & Blogging: Trippi’s Revolution

We all remember Howard Dean’s brief yet famous Presidential campaign, right? The enormous grassroots support, the massive publicity, the gigantic online fundraisers; Dean’s success was mostly because he was the first candidate to effectively use the Internet. It wasn’t just a portal with one-paragraph “Issues” pages and a weak, unusable layout – he had online contributions, news… but most importantly ... Read More »

What A Show

Originally posted to Andrew Quinn’s SOUTHMOUTH How great a job did Athens do with that opening ceremony? The makeup effects to make humans look like statues, a rocket fired into a pool of water igniting giant Olympic rings to burn in the water, and I have only two more words for you: “Cube Guy” !! I wouldn’t want to be ... Read More »

Smoke ‘Em Out!

A review by Andrew Quinn. I attended yesterday the opening showing of the documentary that managed to both stir up controversy and get a 25-minute “Standing O” at the Cannes: Talented film crafter Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. I am too tired to write an official review at the moment, but that’s not the only reason. Simply put: My writing skills ... Read More »

Penguins Or Cats?

A review by Andrew Quinn. “And I’m divided Between penguins and cats, But it’s not about what animal you’ve got, It’s about being able to fly, It’s about dying nine times.” So begins one of the best songs on an excellent album. In “Belfast (Penguins and Cats)”, teenage singer/songwriter/guitarist and British pop sensation Katie Melua sings of her time in ... Read More »