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Maxthon Review

Part 1 of the Browser Reviews By Anyletter This must be said before all else. Maxthon is not a true browser. Sure, you think it surfs the web, but it’s only pretending. Maxthon is one of the more popular Internet Explorer shells. To sum it all up, Maxthon is a program which adds usability to IE, but relies on IE ... Read More »

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Opera

Almost two years ago I got a cable modem. With blazing speeds, and much more browsing, I needed to find a browser that would suit me best. So I devised a test of sorts to weed out the weak ones and find that “one”. I downloaded some of the better known Internet Explorer shells (a program that modifies IE, but ... Read More »

Population Woes

Four houses on my block were for sale last week, all sold by Friday. The apartment company that I currently work for has leased at least 40 apartments since Tuesday of last week. Baton Rouge has grown, and I believe that this will be a great thing. Others disagree. People here in town are worried that we’ve taken on all ... Read More »

Gas Crisis in Louisiana

We’re in the middle of a gas crisis here in Baton Rouge, with fewer than ten percent of local gas stations operational. Between 15-20 % of the nation’s oil production has gone offline, and will be for months. Our local refinery, Exxon, one of the largest in the country (accounting for about 5% of the nation’s oil production), is working ... Read More »

Growth in Troubled Times

Due to hurricane Katrina, Baton Rouge (where I live) has grown dramatically. At the moment, population figures are unreliable at best, however I can say on good authority that the population has more than doubled, going from 300,000 to about 700,000. The strain on the local economy is incredible. And the city still grows, a week after the hurricane. Our ... Read More »

Read This, It’s Netscape

My God, I remember why I could never like Netscape, or AOL for that matter. Always way too dumbed down. My first experience with N8 today was unpleasant, to say the least. Got to the download page, and it reminded me that the End User License Agreement (EULA), was not only important, but that third party software could be, like, ... Read More »

Time for another (Browser) War

Opera has made the first move of the year in Browser War part II. As many will recall, a few years ago Netscape, Internet Explorer, and several other less influential web browsers enaged in what is now known as the “Browser Wars”. From the Guardian, By 1997, you might remember, the internet had finally caught on. At the time, the ... Read More »

Tax Reform Part 2

In response to Michael Higgins at Chocolate and Gold Coins I do realize that the tax proposal is a bit flawed. Throughout the week I’ve personally deconstructed the plan, and was hoping that others would help in finding some of its problems. It is all too much a reality that while the budgetary controls could be passed along to the ... Read More »


Something to consider today…if you smoke you’re paying higher costs for your life insurance, correct? Social Science & Medicine estimates that for a person in their twenties, a smoker’s life expectancy is 7 years lower than that of a non-smoker. It makes sense for the insurance companies to charge them higher rates. Other factors include drug abuse, and high risk ... Read More »

Rethinking the Military

Take a look at our modern American military, taking form over the last 50 years. All are highly trained professionals, especially in combat and peacekeeping. Peacekeeping. Hmmm, maybe we need to focus on this one. Our men and women who serve no longer need to focus so much on combat as they once did, and instead need to branch more ... Read More »