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Katie Melua: Call Off the Search

Call Off the Search is a pleasant combination of bluesy jazz instrumentation and Melua's gorgeous husky voice, but it doesn't offer anything that hasn't already been heard before. Read More »

Sam’s not a man

In case you haven’t noticed- and if not, start reading Day by Day and catch up- Day by Day has been running a series that highlights the problems with California’s system for dealing with dead-beat dads. (Thus pointed the Limey Brit.) Read More »

Penny Arcade’s toy cascade

Wow! The guys at Penny Arcade have so far rustled up $30,000 worth of toys to be donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital for Christmas. Outside of Amazon’s warehouses, this must be the largest accumulation of Amazon boxes ever. If you want to get involved, check out the Child’s Play website. (Also noted at my place.) Read More »

Grammy nods live down to expectations

The Grammys show once again that they’re generally irrelevant as a metric of quality music. As a metric of ClearChannel’s current flavor of mass-produced blandness, on the other hand … No chance for a quality star like Norah Jones to sweep up this year, either. (Also muttered here at the Limey Brit.) Read More »


Imagine a society with no war, no violent crime. Such is the world of Equilibrium, and what a glorious world it is! Of course, there's got to be a catch... Read More »

Evanescence on Leno

So I watched Evanescence play on the Tonight Show last night. It wasn’t pretty. Granted, TV performances are often less than perfect, but this was just bad. The mix was awful- all vocals and guitars, with very little drums and bass. Amy Lee sang horribly off-key throughout most of their latest single, Going Under, presumeably because she couldn’t hear herself. ... Read More »

U2 to release Slane Castle DVD

Sweet! U2 are releasing the DVD of their huge homecoming Slane Castle (in Dublin) concert from the end of the 2001 Elevation tour. I’m expecting it to be everything that the lame TV special wasn’t. This show was special in so many ways. It was the first time for U2 to return to the Slane Castle venue (with space for ... Read More »

Reloading the Matrix: Reloaded

I went and saw Matrix:Reloaded again today, and it was definitely better the second time around. I walked away from it the first time with the impression that it was too long, too much to get your head around in one sitting, but with very cool visuals. It didn’t drag as long the second time around, and while it was ... Read More »