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Book Review: Homeland-The Legend of Drizzt by R. A. Salvatore

First and foremost R.A. Salvatore can weave a spectacular yarn. It’s good storytelling. Read More »

Book Review: Exile – The Legend of Drizzt, Book II (The Legend of Drizzt)

You will reap the reward of watching Drizzt Do’Urden come to life, as well as develop into a character of principle and compassion. Read More »

Book Review: The Lord of the Isles by David Drake

I cannot tell you how sick to death I am of derivative epic fantasy novels. But I will. Read More »

Book Review: Dragons of a Fallen Sun (Dragonlance: The War of Souls, Volume I)

How to destroy a fantasy series in three easy lessons: Lesson one. Read More »

Make Magick: Spells for the Curious – Money Honey

Just casting a spell does not make one a witch; however, a little magick in everyday life can be an absolute boon! Read More »

Make Magick: Spells for the Curious – Penny Good Luck Spell

I am sure there have been times that you've thought to yourself, if only I had luck on my side! Read More »

Make Magick: Spells for the Curious – Stone Business Spell

This little bit of business magick will help with stress. Read More »

Book Review: A Witch’s Notebook by Silver Ravenwolf

The world needs a few fluffy bunnies in my estimation, so I won't rag on Silver Ravenwolf. Read More »