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Re: Dubya on the Dubai Port Deal (and the Constitution)

It's good to be king- albeit an allegedly uniformed one. Read More »

Cheney, Guns, Social Security, Vigilance, and Tort Reform

The shooting of 78-year- old Harry Whittington by Dick Cheney on Saturday showed 3 things... First, it unveiled... Read More »

America’s #1 Problem

America's #1 problem is not listening to George W. Bush. Read More »

My “Scaridness”

I love my "scaridness". It's a sacred "scaridness". It lets me know that I'm alive. If I didn't have "scaridness"... Read More »

Memories of Being ‘Outed’

Until that day, only my closest friends really knew my secret. I really made a point of not talking... Read More »

The Administration “Re-Wronging” History

The Bush Administration should look at itself before accusing others of rewriting history. Read More »

“Surreality” Shows and Deadly “Comedies”

... a partial compilation of the work of the main subsidiary of the Compassionate Conservatives- the Congress, which never fails to produce short shows, generally unseen but with a lasting impact... Read More »

Sergeant Benderman: Serving Time for Having a Conscience

"There is no heat at the facility... There are exposed water and sewer pipes, and the raw sewage leaks from the pipes... in the living areas of the inmates... prostitution ring... personal property (taken)" Read more of Monica Benderman's e-mails detailing her husband's- Sgt. Kevin Benderman, treatment at Ft. Stewart. Read More »

Two Moms And A War

It is highly doubtful that either Casey or the "Gipper" would stand for the silencing of anyone's right to voice their opposition to a war. Especially the voice of a mother. Read More »


The media reminds George Bush that his "earned capital" is rightfully "media loaned currency" made available to him by his true Creator- the media. Read More »