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Web TV Review: Star-Ving Is Vilarious!

Two cheerfully depraved, manically depressed former child stars angle for a comeback: 21st-century Laurel and Hardy. Read More »

David Chase Whacks His Audience

Let the dead rest. Read More »

Movie Review: Munich

Mesmerizing -- more morally and dramatically sophisticated and paranoid than I thought Spielberg had in him. Read More »

DVD Review: The Apprentice

Rip Van Winkle wakes up, reviews season one of The Apprentice. Read More »

The You Decade?

It is that underground river of minds, that cultural collective unconscious now becoming conscious, surfacing with explosive, firehose force on Blogger, LiveJournal, and YouTube. Read More »

What Makes A Commercial Great?

A well-known principle of evolution is that predator and prey refine each other. The same thing happens in advertising. Read More »

TV Review: American Inventor

Tenacity is the mother of invention. And Central Casting just may be the father. Read More »

Towards a New Revelation (Or, Why I Am Not a Traditionalist)

Traditions can allow embellishments or simplifications, but not ideas -- not even self-evident truths -- so new or foreign that they would pull it apart. Read More »

DVD Review: Carrie

A look at Carrie as a parable. Read More »

He Fell From a Star

In the car the other day, we were listening, as we always do, to WBGO, Jazz 88.3, which justifiably bills itself as America’s greatest jazz station, when we heard a really arresting piano trio performance of the song “‘Round Midnight”: assured, modulated, haunting. The piano “voice” was not immediately recognizable, but it was clearly one of the greats. I waited ... Read More »