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Movie Review: Wordplay

In the end, is it only a cutesy niche documentary? Read More »

John Abramson – Overdosed America

The medical profession which John Abramson writes about in Overdosed America does not resemble a Norman Rockwell painting in any way. The current state of affairs is rather more dangerous and damaging – for both Americans’ health and their pocketbooks – than even your family doctor may realize. Overdosed America charts how this state of affairs came about, what the ... Read More »

The Nick Luca Trio – Little Town

Triphop could be compared to making passionate love after a bottle of good Chilean wine. The Nick Luca Trio's style of triphop, then, is too drunk to fuck. Read More »

Jarboe – Beautiful People, Ltd.

Beautiful People, Ltd. is another mesmerizing offer from ex-Swans collaborator Jarboe. Read More »

Jarboe – Thirteen Masks

I really like this album, even though I can't make heads or tails of it. Read More »

Seymour Glass – Note to Self

Carson Daly ruins everything. Read More »

Ani Difranco – Educated Guess

I love Ani Difranco, I really do. It's because of this love that I buy her albums, regardless of quality. However, her newest album, Educated Guess, is Not Good. Read More »