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Katie Couric and Eric Sevareid: The State of the Evening News

There was a time when the network newscasts brought our country together in a shared national commonality. Read More »

Every Soldier Is Not A Hero

The word hero doesn’t apply to every person just because an individual enlists and wears a uniform. Read More »

Vote “NO” to Bringing the Troops Home Now

Local referendums on bringing US troops home now are on ballots in local elections and need to be defeated. Read More »

President Bush Correct Over Port Security Issue

I just can’t see the benefit of denying a business bridge with a reputable company for the short-term gain of a few points in a poll. Read More »

Thanks, Gerald Ford!

As we honor those who served in the Oval Office on President's Day, let us all pass along a good thought to Gerald Ford. Read More »

A Shattered Life, But Not A Shattered Faith

The old men and women who had fought with Dr. King, were not bitter or harsh as they spoke of the past, or of the journey that is not yet completed. Read More »

Billy Joel, Prophet Muhammad, And The Disconnect From Reality

Freedom of the press, and freedom of expression must, and will, triumph over the ‘requirement’ that the whole world treat any particular religion with any more reverence than any other. Read More »

Recalling Rosa Parks On Martin Luther King Day

We often look to the holders of power to make changes for our society. Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and reflect on what we can do. Read More »

Allowing Civil Rights For All

If a city bus hit a gay person there is no spousal privilege to allow his/her partner to visit in the hospital. Read More »

We Aren’t Lost Yet In The Rhetoric Of Our Time

The outpouring of viewers to see Brokeback Mountain is a response to the idiocy practiced by many cultural warriors today. Read More »