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Music Review: Crunk Hits Volume 3

A future definitive analysis of the crunk phenomenon, penned from the blurry border of supreme knowledge and utter 'gnorance regarding the subject matter. Read More »

NCAA Football Picks: Week 5 in the WAC

An interesting slate of WAC games this week. Only one conference game, and it’s crap versus worse crap. Read More »

NCAA Football Picks: Week 4 in The WAC

All but one of this week's games are against non-conference competition, but that one conference game should be huge. Read More »

DVD Review: Depeche Mode’s Live in Milan – Touring the Angel

Much of what is modern day electronica owes its roots to Depeche Mode. Read More »

NCAA Football Picks: Week Three in the WAC

Last week I went 1-5. Let’s see if I can suck much less this weekend. Read More »

NCAA Football Predictions, Week 2: The WAC

Where I overanalyze a football conference that probably me and three other people actually care about. Read More »

Music Review: Slayer – Christ Illusion

Heavy, fast, speed metal in a controlled environment. Read More »

CD Review: Yo Gotti – Back 2 Da Basics

You just think you're grillz are gangsta, but homey lee, they wanksta. Let me drop this on ya. Read More »

DVD Review: Body Count – Live in L.A.

Ice-T has a legit, hardcore metal band to bust out songs with, despite the deaths of three of the original members. Read More »

DVD Review: Beavis & Butt-head, the Mike Judge Collection, Volume 1

Beavis and Butt-head were pioneers of a sort, blazing a trail of stupidity Read More »