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Lyrigraphs: Resume, Resume

Well I got me an everyman suit and a firm handshake I’m looking for a line of work and some money to make I just hope I don’t have to take a job in Cleveland It’s just a little too far from my current state She was sipping coffee, looking out onto the cars creeping by on the busy street ... Read More »

Lyrigraph: OD’d IN Austin

Shortly after, we were joined by a crowd of people enjoying the fresh air. A young man with a goatee and sunglasses in the dark began playing his guitar for his friends. As Shawn and I slow-danced to "Hotel California," I decided that I wanted this to be for real. I just had no idea how to tell her that. Read More »

Waiting For the Encore

It's a song about trying to hold on to what's passing you by. I couldn't help but look at Tanya, think of her parents that would never be my in-laws, and purge the memories of the life I had walked away from just five days before. Read More »